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Spring Has Sprung!

Spruce Up Your Brand With These Easy Steps:

With the arrival of spring, change is in the air – why not make some small changes to your brand to freshen up your look and attract some new attention now that spring has sprung? Here are 5 simple (and quick) things you can do to spruce up your branding.
1. Your Logo
Making small changes to your logo such as a slight colour change (even just a shade darker or lighter than the current colour), or even adding an icon or font element can do wonders.
spring has sprung
2. Your Newsletter
Whether you have an email newsletter or a print version, changing the layout slightly, adding new categories or changing the fonts will create new interest in your content, and will keep people on their toes.
3. Your Business Cards
Remember that with any logo change you need to carry it through to all platforms and media, especially your business cards. Change your logo (if changes have been made), maybe change the background colour, add a texture, or take out any old or unnecessary information.
4. Brochures/Portfolios
It is always important to update your brochure and portfolio to keep it current and relevant. It is a good idea to also then change the look and feel – instead of portrait change it to landscape, or maybe go from a matt finish to a gloss finish.
5. In-store Advertising and Banners
In order to keep people interested in your business and your brand, keep your branding fresh, follow design trends that fit with your business. People become used to a certain look, and any changes will redirect their focus back to your products or services – a fresh look equals fresh energy and new opportunities and clients/customers.