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There are so many different ways to get your brand out there without going the traditional route of newspaper advertising or online marketing such as sticker branding – what’s the point of having your own business if you can’t have a little fun and get creative?
sticker branding
Designing a sticker that represents your brand and catches the attention of potential clients and customers can be a great way to create some fresh interest in your business.
How will it help your image? Here are 3 potential rewards of sticker branding:
1.      Brand Development
The sticker will need to tell the world (in a very small space) what you are all about – your voice needs to come through, so with this process your brand will be refined and developed.
2.      Supporting your Reputation
You reputation will be affected because the public will see your stickers, begin to recognise your logo and then they will begin to trust your brand; a familiarity will be created.
sticker branding
3.      Financial benefits
If you manage to create stickers that say so much more than who you are (maybe you have some great design elements OR an inspiring quote) then you might want to consider selling them – create a variety of stickers with different colours and designs and who knows, you may be seeing your brand all over town!
Sticker branding may seem like a small step to take in terms of advertising, but because of the cost effectiveness of the printing and the potential exposure they could create, you really have nothing to lose – For more information on sticker printing just click here.