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Whether you are a small business or a chain of retail outlets, your branding should always be clearly visible, dynamic, and attention-grabbing. How these branding materials are designed and where they are situated will greatly impact their effectiveness.

Here are 3 tips for effective in-store branding:

As well as some stunning, creative inspiration.

In-store Branding Tips:

  1. Is your business logo visible on all branding items?
    If you want to become a familiar brand, you need to expose people to your logo, and be consistent with the look and feel, which represents your business. Your logo should become recognisable and synonymous with what you offer as a business in terms of experience and products/service.
  2. What are you trying to say?
    Is your message clear? Whether it’s a sale or maybe a fun fact about your business, the message can’t be left open to interpretation – be clear, direct, and creative when conveying your message.
  3. Where will your advertising and other branding materials be placed?
    Think about how your store is laid out and imagine where people may look as they enter the store or where they will see signage as they pass the store – Is it visible? Is it at eye-level? Is it going to attract the attention of passersby? Does the information need to be next to a certain product? Does it need to be at the till-point?

In-store Branding Inspiration:

See below for our recent branding and installation project, done for the Ice Rink at the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town: