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The Characteristics of an Effective Business Card

An effective business card is not just about displaying or sharing your company’s details or your personal contact details; it is about connecting, creating interest in your business/service, and about being memorable.
How many effective business cards do you have in your wallet? Without looking, try and remember some of them – do any stand out in your mind? Why?
Here are some great business card infographics to help you create a business card that stands out from the rest:
How To Design the Best Business Card

  1. Let your branding speak for your business
  2. Use colours
  3. Make sure that your font is readable
Effective Business Card

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Business Card Design Psychology

  1. Use complimentary colours where possible
  2. Be aware of what certain colours say about your business or yourself
  3. Choose a typeface that reflects your business’s personality

Business Cards Design Psychology

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Dissecting the Successful Business Card

  1. Why not insert your logo design?
  2. Use creative typography to your advantage
  3. Take advantage of the space you have on the card

Effective Business card

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How did business cards come about? Who thought of it first, and how was it used? Find out all about the history of business cards in the infographic below…
Interesting Facts on the Evolution of Business Cards

Interesting facts about the evolution of business cards

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