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Why is product-packaging design so important? What difference will it make on your sales?
The key to designing product packaging that will stand out from hundreds of other products, which are just like yours, is to think like your target market and to apply that to your branding strategy.
Packaging Design

What are the key elements of packaging design?

1. Be innovative and attractive
Make sure that your packaging grabs people’s attention, makes them take your product off the shelf, and then purchase it AND recommend it to their friends. Create packaging people will talk about.
2. Be simple, yet informative
A busy design with too much text will not be appealing to people quickly popping into the shops or visiting an online store – keep your designs creative, but not overwhelming, and keep your text straight forward and to the point.
Packaging Designs
3. Does size matter?
Initially it all depends on the size of your product, but is it important to make the product look bigger (or more impressive) than it really is? Keep in mind that many consumers are trying to avoid waste, avoid paying for packaging (the more elaborate your packaging is, the higher the product price might be), and many people want to know that the packaging accurately reflects the product size.
4. Is the shape practical?
Think of the stores where your product will be displayed – if your packaging design needs its own display, which can add to its appeal, then make sure you take this into consideration. Alternatively, make sure that your packaging can be displayed easily on standard shelves/hooks.
Innovative packaging design does not just mean it needs to be appealing to the eye – it needs to be appealing to the mind as well as practical on all basic levels. A packaging design that looks impressive, but keeps falling over will not get the attention it seeks – Whether your product is completely unique or not, your packaging design should be unique – let it stand out, let it shout what you have to offer, and let it inspire others to spread the word about your brand.