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There has been a gradual change in top trends in print design over the last few years – whether it’s a poster design, business card design or an advert, print design has taken on a new look and feel and here are some of the characteristics that stand out.Top trends

Top Trends for 2013:

1.      The use of flat design
There was a long period (and it still continues today) where everything had to be 3D. This year, however, sees the return of flat design. Yes, 3D images are still popular and are an effective way to grab people’s attention, but with the growing popularity of 2D designs, you might want to consider if your target market might respond to this type of design better.
2.      The use of original typography
Instead of going through your long font list, why not create an original text design and stand out from the crowd? Typography has taken the world by storm and everyday there are new typography designs that inspire designers all over the globe. Not only is typography itself a 2013 design trend, but using contrasting typography designs on one image has also become increasingly popular.
3.      The use of unusual paper and card, and letter-pressing
Gone are the days where a standard white piece of paper or card will suffice – if you really want your poster or business card to stand out, you might want to consider using some textured paper and/or a letterpress technique or effect.
Top trend
4.      Adding a touch of vintage flair
Thanks to Instagram and all the different effects on offer, the “vintage look” has shone its golden brown look upon many an image. Print design has also adopted this style and added it to poster designs, flyer designs, invitations and even business card designs.
5.      Bright colours and patterns
Neon colours are making a come back (they were last seen in the 80’s) and are now often paired up with geometric patterns and designs. This is an effective style to use in poster design as well as flyer design as it is very eye-catching and inviting.
What’s great about the print design trends of 2013 is that they are varied and there is not just one aspect that stands out – no matter what your business, product or event, these trends can work for you and will aid in attracting the right attention to your brand.