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Typography Terminology

According to Wikipedia, typography terminology is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make the language it forms most appealing to transparent learning and recognition.
Typography Terminology
Here are 15 typography terms, which will help you understand it better as well refine your own typographical skills:

  1. Kerning – this is the adjustment of the space between letters/characters.
  2. Aesc – the joining of two letters.
  3. Leading – This refers to the vertical space between each line of text.
  4. Apex – This is the point of a letter, where both sides meet.
  5. Baseline – This is where the base of your capital letters sit.
  6. Beak – This refers to the top curved area of letters such as r, f, c, s.
  7. Crossbar – This is the line that connects two parts of a letter, such as e, H, A.
  8. Crossstroke – This refers to the line in letters such as ‘t’ and ‘f’.
  9. Counter – This refers t the semi-closed area of letters such as c, e, s.
  10. Descender – This is the part of the letter that has a “tail” such as p, q, y, j.
  11. Eye – Unlike the counter, this refers to the closed area of letters such as o, e, a.
  12. Monospace – This is when every letter in a font is at a fixed width.
  13. Orphan – This refers to the first line of a new paragraph, which sits alone, usually at the bottom of the page.
  14. Pica – This is one sixth of an inch (length).
  15. Tittle – A wonderfully creative name for the dot above an ‘i’ or a ‘j’.

Here is a great image found on creativebloq.com, which explains some of these terms…
Typography Terminology
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