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Understanding colour combinations can either make or break a design – whether it’s a logo design or a flyer, make sure that the colours you use compliment each other and go well together.
If you are a designer, knowing which colours work well together is a crucial part of your job, and as a business that is using a designer you also need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. If you receive a design from your designer, you need to be able to notice if the colours used are going to support your brand or diminish it.
Understanding Colour Combinations
Here are 6 websites and tools that can assist you with making the right colour combination choices:

  1. https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/  – This site offers a colour wheel, which works with all colours and their varying shades.
  2. http://www.colormunki.com/pantone – This is a grid-type tool, which offers various shades of colours.
  3.  http://www.pictaculous.com/ – This site allows you to upload an image and then it suggests colours that will compliment the image effectively.
  4. http://colorschemedesigner.com/ – This is a colour wheel tool, which gives you the freedom to select colours and then see the best combinations available.
  5. http://www.colorcombos.com/  – This site offers an array of different colour combinations for your inspiration.

Understanding Colour Combination
Here are some other important points to keep in mind when working with colour:

  1. Colours might change depending on the size of the image or the background it is placed on.
  2. Remember to analyse the colour’s undertone – this will affect how it relates to other colours.
  3. Colours that are seemingly “opposite” can work well together – for example, a cool colour, such as blue, will go well with a warm colour such as red.

There are an endless amount of options when it comes to colour combinations – be aware of undertones and backgrounds and educate yourself on how colours react with one another. With these fun tools (mentioned above) you can’t go wrong.