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Depending on what type of business you have, using brochures can assist in getting your brand and your products or services out there.  A business card can only hold so much information, so this is when a brochure can be very beneficial.

Using Brochures

Using Brochures To Get Your Brand Out There:

  1. As part of presentations to provide potential clients or customers with added information.
  2. As part of a marketing campaign, placing them in places that your target market can be found.
  3. As part of your branding strategy at networking events and other functions.
  4. As part of your in-store or office advertising to share your other services and products with existing clients and customers.

When creating your brochure, remember to:

  1. Keep it short and too the point.
  2. Make your graphics dynamic and eye-catching, but don’t let it distract the reader from the text.
  3. Consider an interesting design – does it have to be square or rectangular? Could another shape highlight your business better?
  4. Find out what your potential clients are attracted to. Should it be formal or fun?
  5. Have you captured the essence of your business?

Here is an example of a logo and brochure we did recently for a client – the concept is straightforward and simple, yet there is also an element of originality.
Your brochure needs to speak for your business when you are unable to, so make sure you keep it informative, attractive and to the point.