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Print Marketing Designs & Social Media

Have you just spent your budget on getting some amazing Print Marketing Designs done? Do you want to follow through with the same look and feel online too? Don’t spend time and money starting from scratch – here are 3 tips on how to use your print marketing designs on various online platforms.
Print marketing designs

Social Media Platforms:

1.     Change the size of the image

Facebook cover photos are 851 pixels by 315 pixels – use design elements from your print adverts and create eye-catching Facebook covers – these are great for highlighting certain events or products.
General Facebook images should not be too small – a good size is 600 pixels by 460 pixels, but you can easily resize an A2 print file down by changing the resolution from 300 DPI to 72 DPI.
Twitter header images are 520 pixels by 260 pixels – if you’d like more detailed measurements, click here.

2.     Sharing

You want to make sure that your marketing images are being seen – to ensure that the majority of your Facebook followers see your images, post the image throughout the week (possibly every 2nd day), but at different times, as well as sharing it directly onto other like-minded pages.
When sharing images on Twitter it is often a good idea to tag (@) other businesses and individuals that will find your content interesting. Also remember to use a # when applicable – important hashtags to keep in mind are – #competition, #giveaway, #free, #specialoffer, #50%off, #sale, #events – think about keywords that people will search for.
Your Facebook cover photo and Twitter header should change every few months to keep your brand fresh and up to date.
print designs

Other online platforms:

  1. Website banners will differ in size, but as with Facebook cover images, the designs that you already have for your print campaigns can easily be rearranged to create appealing online banners.

Quick Tip: Ask your designer to keep online marketing in mind when creating print material – the designer could keep separates of each design element as well as send you different size variations for later use.