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If you are thinking about using print branding to get your brand out there, you might want to consider vehicle branding. It’s a once-off expense that will benefit your business over and over again. With vehicle branding your business’s brand goes wherever you go and, therefore, gets seen by many more people compared to one flyer run.
What should you consider when designing your vehicle-branding image?
vehicle branding
1.      Make it eye-catching
More and more businesses are branding their vehicles with their logos, if you want to stand out you need to ensure that your image is striking and innovative.
2.      Make it informative
Make sure that the public know what you are offering and make sure that all your relevant contact information is available – if possible, you should have your email address, a phone number and your website visible on the image.
3.      Keep it simple
Too much information can be distracting and might hinder the effectiveness of your vehicle branding – share only what you need to. If you plan to have information on both sides of your vehicle as well as on the back, consider on which side people will need to see the most important information.
Vehicle Branding Service
Which vehicle branding options are available?

  1. Vehicle wrapping is permanent and can be placed over your entire vehicle or just on a certain area.
  2. Branded magnets are not permanent, but can be just as effective if placed in the correct spot.

Vehicle adverting wrap is only effective if done correctly – create an image that will catch the attention of the public and create a branding campaign that people will talk about. If you have more than one vehicle at your disposal, consider branding them too – the more vehicles you have driving around representing your brand, the greater your exposure will be.
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