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Visually Inspiring Design Quotes:

We love creative design quotes that inspire innovation, creativity, and learning. We often come across some incredible design and typography quotes when browsing through Facebook and Twitter, and we have collected a few images and 10 websites to share with you.
 Visually Inspiring Design Quotes

  1. 20 Motivating Design Quotes for Graphic Designers – Graphic Design Blog
  2. Beautiful Typography Sketches – Abduzeedo
  3. Graphic Design Quotes – Pinterest
  4. 50 Great and Beautifully Designed Inspirational Quotes – Blog of Francesco Mugnai
  5. 25+ Beautiful Yet Inspiring Typography Design Quotes – Design Bolts
  6. 40 Cool Typography Based Quotes – The Ultralinx
  7. 20 Stunning Inspirational Quotes About Life – Posterama
  8. Gorgeous Hand Lettering Typography Of Life’s Quotes & Sayings – Design Taxi
  9. 25 Fantastic Inspirational Design Typographic Quotes – I Can Be Creative
  10. 20 Inspirational Typography Based Quotes – Business Boom Collective

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The links above will take you to a portfolio of some of the best design and typography quotes around – the quotes either focus on life lessons or they offer inspiring advice about design, creativity, art, and business – what they all have in common is that they are beautifully designed – each one unique, they offer inspiration and insight to any designer.
Tip: Designing your own portfolio of creative quote designs is an effective way to grab the attention of design blogs, and potential clients.
Here are a few images, which you will find in the above mentioned links: