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When it comes to redesigning your logo and not go for something completely new, then here are some tips to keep in mind, and some simple creative steps you can take.
When redesigning your logo, based on the existing design, you must remember to keep the initial corporate identity in tact – this is a logo redesign, not a rebranding – the same message must come across, but the vehicle (the logo) is more innovative and maybe more modern.
Redesigning Your Logo
Here are 5 changes you can consider:
1.      Minimise the design
If you currently have both a word and an image in your logo, consider using just the image – this will work better if your brand is well known, but it could also be what your brand needs to stand out more. If your design is very busy (lots of colours, patterns, shapes, or words), limit the combination to 2 aspects or even one.
2.      Change the font
Often the font used in your original design can now be outdated and old-fashioned – stay with the times and change your font to something sleeker, trendier, creative or vintage – it might be all you need to get some new interest and attention from the public.
3.      Add an effect
If you decide to remove the image associated with your brand, maybe the text alone will seem too plain – add a simple shadow effect or emboss the first letter of your company’s name – a small visual effect can add something special to any logo design.
Redesigning Your Logos
4.      Add a shape
Placing your logo within a shape can do wonders for the look and feel of your brand – circles, geometric shapes and even badges are the latest logo design trends – whatever you do, make sure it fits with your brand’s identity and still conveys the same message.
5.      Change the colours
This could mean adding colours to your original design or maybe changing it to a striking black and white design – think about your client-base and your target market – what will appeal to them?
Have fun with your redesign as it can often inject new life and energy into your brand – be brave and be bold – send a new and improved image out into the world with pride, knowing that the right people will be attracted to the new you.
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