Textile Printing Cape Town

What is Textile Printing?

Textile Printing refers to any print done on fabric. Considering this, the possibilities are endless; like printing on clothing, flags, banners and just about any other promotional materials you can think of.

This marketing and promotional strategy is used by many companies on a regular basis. Printing on textiles is interactive, attention grabbing and fun, and promotional clothing turns your brand or company image into moving pieces of marketing.


Printing for Brand Awareness and More

Think about promotional clothing on staff or even give-away's; such as clothing, t-shirts and hats. The same goes for flags or banners put up at events. In order to cement brand awareness, your marketing strategy has to be fun and memorable. The more your brand is seen and associated with enjoyment, the easier it is to be remembered.

A few other practical benefits of textile printing is that it is more affordable than other printing methods and is a low risk marketing expense. This is because with textile printing there are rarely ever minimum print quantities, the materials printed on are tangible, reusable, and easy to transport. Take advantage of our creative and professional textile printing service. Contact us today!

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