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After years of working with retail brands, Digital Express is proud to say that they are mastering the art of shopfitting. In most circles, particularly in retail, being a self-proclaimed shopfitter would be considered professional suicide, but Digital Express have a totally different perspective.

Before you get the wrong idea, this article has nothing to do with actual shop-lifting, go figure. Instead, we take a behind the scenes look at the precision of how a new campaign is rolled out, and up-lifts the shopping experience for customers.

The old adage of “out with the old, in with the new” has firmly been placed centre stage, when tasked with the Puma brief. This provided a platform for the D-Construct series which demonstrates how Digital Express continues to stay true to their ethos of Bringing Brands to Life.

When working with a company that has set out to be the fastest sports brand in the world, it is essential to be “swift” in campaign installations. As Digital Express strived to adhere to the Puma ethos of Forever Faster, they ensure that the team is briefed, engaged and precise in their actions.

The D-Construct series showcased a wide variety of the Digital Express service offerings and products. Whether it be at a Puma Concept store in the heart of the Mother city, a trending Shelflife outlet, or the endless passages of retail flagships, Total Sports. The team at Digital Express has the knowhow, technology, resources and boldness to set your retail brand apart.

Around 70% of in-store purchases are made on impulse, conveniently Digital Express has the retail solution, expertise to help drive sales and visually engage customers to become increasingly familiar with your brands.